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A visual narrative of dear moments

of life and love

Making art with moments from the past reflected in the old photographs is something that captivates my interest. I am fascinated by those albums' figures, subjects, and compositions, especially from my family albums.


When I see it, I feel like they are a starting point of some of my paintings; not painting those facial details disconnects me from my true identity and lets me express a unique feeling.

And then, where I give life and color back to these scenes, the general shape of the figures became more emphasized.


In other words, the interpretation remains in the hands of the viewer. It's free. It can mean one thing to me and something else entirely to you. The absence of face in these paintings represents your family and my family too.

Finally, I developed stories that with stories behind them too. That is when the past becomes present, and the present will become the past.



There is Always a Story Behind the Story

Every Time I Create Art, I Want to Convey Whimsical

and Style Art that Brings Happiness to Life



My Recent Work

Painting enriches my life and keeps my soul alive.

It is a game between reality, imagination and creativity.

My Work

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My paintings are a visual narrative of moments of life and love, sometimes based on reality, sometimes derived from my imagination, or a combination of both. They reflect my passion for everyday objects and the beauty of the ordinary, an exaltation of the beauty of the variety of geometric forms. My interest is not in the things themselves but in using them to experiment with shape, color, and lighting.


I paint what I love and what I am.

It is a game between reality, imagination, and creativity. Painting enriches my life and keeps my soul alive.

In me, inspiration flows, thanks to my husband's support, advice, and friendship, but mainly because of his immense love for me.


I was born in Cali, Colombia.       I became passionate about a better environment and an improved quality of life; both principles championed while working as an environmental engineer in my native city.

In 1999, my husband and I moved to New York, where I decided to change my life to become an artist. I enrolled in the Art Students League of New York to study oil painting under the guidance of artist Leatrice Rose. In 2004, I lived in Los Angeles and painted in Venice Beach at Martin Lubner's studio under his tutoring.





By the summer of 2005, we moved to Alpharetta, Georgia, where I opened my first studio. I got involved in the local arts and cultural scene through my relationship with Heaven Blue Rose Gallery in Roswell, GA.

In the spring of 2009, after moving to San Antonio, Texas, I decided to take a hiatus from painting to read, explore and study the masters. Upon arriving in Austin in 2013, I resume painting in my home studio and become a member of The Bunkhouse Art Gang at Wenmohs Ranch at Cypress Mill, Texas, where a group of local artists meets inside a barn studio every Tuesday for a day of creative art and friendship.

I have exhibited my art at venues in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Austin.



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Every Time I Create Art, I Want to Convey Whimsical

and Style Art that Brings Happiness to Life


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